iPhone case X/XS 風神雷神|Wind and thunder gods
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iPhone case X/XS 風神雷神|Wind and thunder gods

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俵屋宗達の屏風画が原画の、風袋から風を吹き出し下界に風雨をもたらす風神と、太鼓を叩いて雷鳴と稲妻をおこす雷神の姿を描写しています。 The screen paintings by Tawaraya Sotatsu are Japanese national treasures. Fengshen blew strong winds from the wind bag, letting wind and rain spread all over the world. Thunder God struck the Thunder God Cloud Drum on his back, and thunder and lightning rang out in the air. 出自俵屋宗達的屏風繪畫,是日本的國寶藝術品。風神從風袋裡吹出強風,讓風雨遍布人間,雷神敲擊在他背上的雷神雲鼓,在空中響起一陣又一陣的雷電。 対応機種:iPhone X/XS 材  質:ポリカーボネイト