iPhone case X/XS ふくろう|Owl
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iPhone case X/XS ふくろう|Owl

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日本では苦労をしない「不苦労」、福を呼ぶ「福来」、などの意味を持つ縁起の良い図柄です。 In Japan, the owl has auspicious meaning. Its Japanese name is " (fukuro)", and its pronunciation is similar to "do not work hard", so it represents a symbol of happiness and wealth. 在日本,貓頭鷹有吉祥的意涵,它的日文稱呼「梟(ふくろう)」,其發音和「不苦勞」相近,因此代表幸福與發財的象徵。 対応機種:iPhone X/XS 材  質:ポリカーボネイト